Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beatrice 1

Dear Beatrice,

How are things in Ulan Bator? I was quite surprised to get your postcard from Mongolia, but then you always did have a penchant for men in fur hats.

Me? I’ve decided to start a blog. Why? Because I’ve grown tired of being the Content Provider on other people’s sites and in their magazines. Either I have to deal with an editor who thinks they can do layout –

Or an editor who thinks they can do ‘wacky captions’ -

Or mostly editors who want to turn Me into Them. My voice is lost, the article is neutered, frustration rears its ugly head, and I’m down at the Surplus Store buying a pallet of expired Twinkies. And those nights never end well.

Plus there was no money in contract work anyway.

So why not take my own reins, right?

Plus with a blog I am free to do more personal items. Write about my past, and my present, and well, ME. I think I can do that and still keep it entertaining for the peoples.

Say hello to any Genghis Khan descendants there in Ulaanbaatar. I’ve heard they are plentiful.


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