Monday, January 10, 2011


The New year can begin. For now, just this hour, the 13th month has ended and the first month can well and truly begin. Yes folks, the little period of time between December and January has now passed.

See I was doing some of my bills today at work while the boss was busy trying to fix the copier (Not realizing that power strips have on and off switches *wink*). And I had paid all my bills with my Star Wars checks (the tagline on each one: "Tell Jabba that I have his money!")

Anyway, the boss had stormed off to lunch and I had finished all the bills and hidden my checkbook again before I realized that for the first time this year I had correctly written the proper year on each check. And that means that Checkuary is now over.

The 13 month, Checkuary, is different for each person, and indeed the length can vary widely for each person from year to year. Some years I stop writing the wrong year on my checks by the first week of January. Other years I am still !@#$ing 'em up on Valentine's Day. This years' Checkuary was pretty quick at one and a half weeks.

So pop the cork and raise a toast: Checkuary has been stamped paid for another 13 months. Happy New Year!

Now I gotta go turn the copier power strip back on.

Angus McMahan


  1. It's still Checkuary in my lab notebook, alas!

  2. it's different for every person, and indeed it can vary wildly from year to year.