Monday, January 31, 2011

Dear Beatrice 2

Rockin' the kilt at Pantheacon.

Dear Beatrice,

Thank you for the get well card with the cartoon nurse, but you see there is nothing wrong with me. It HAS been several days since I posted anything on Angus-land, but that does not mean that I haven’t been writing.

What I’ve been doing is finalizing my seminar for Pantheacon. On Saturday, February 19th I will be delivering the third installment of my series on Pagan Humor. This one is entitled “Pagan Humor 3: The Search for Spock”. I am very proud of it. Last years seminar “Pagan Humor 2: Electric Boogaloo” received a standing ovation – so I want to deliver a good show this time around too. 

Send me a forwarding address as to where your going to be around April, Beatrice. When the video of the seminar is ready I’ll send you a copy. In PAL format, I know. I know.

The seminar is tied into the blog too. I’ve been editing and polishing my “performance copy” of the seminar, but I’ve also been preparing the various pieces of it to be published here on the blog. Thanks to scheduled publication they will actually be posted DURING the seminar, which I think is pretty gee-whiz.
Not bad for a self-timer photo.

Another reason why I haven’t been posting on Angus-land is I have been pimping for my band, The Mutables. You remember Beatrice – I sent you a cassette and you said that we didn’t sound like anybody. I guess two acoustic guitars and congas playing Rock does make a pretty unique sound. Anyhoo, We now have two gigs coming up in late February:

Wednesday, February 23rd at Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz. Here are a couple of links:
the Facebook event page, and the page on the Moe's Alley website.

And three nights later on Saturday, February 26th we’ll be at Jose’s Underground Lounge in Monterey. Here's the Facebook blurb.

Angus, Catherine and Jack - part of "The Mykeytones".
Both nights we’re opening for Leeward Fate, (website) who’s bass and ukulele player, Jack, used to play music with me back when we were in AMN, WRTB, The Troubadours, Aumakua and several other “what do we call ourselves this gig” bands. It’ll be good to see him again. I’ll send you photos.

The Mutables are doing well. We have our own website now, with a couple of excerpts of our tunes. But don’t get too excited, Beatrice: These recordings were done in one take, straight into the laptop with no mixing, and we hadn’t played together in like 45 days. But we were under the gun, and I think they came out good.
Anyhoo Beatrice, I hope Tibet is treating you well. Say “Guten Tag” to Heinrich Harrer if you see him.


Angus McMahan

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