Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Schedule at Pantheacon 2012

Your humble author, on a not-so-humble day.
Well, thanks to the nerdy gnomes at Ancient Ways, anyone can now easily create a custom Schedule for Pantheacon 2012. Now I don’t in any way fancy myself to be an expert on these things, but I have attended 9 Pcons, and by now I have a pretty good idea of what I will enjoy. So here are my choices for this year’s convention.

Now, just because I have a nifty, tailored schedule doesn’t mean that I’m going to follow the damned thing. This is a weekend for Admiral Karen and I to relax and have fun – there’s no way in Heaven that we’re going to be able – or even willing! – to see ALL of these rituals and seminars. We’d be catatonic basket cases by Saturday afternoon.
Plus I love to play ‘seminar divination’ during the day. I’ll be on my way to some room or another, but I’ll keep an inner eye out for other enticements on the way. I’ve been sucked into all sorts of wonderful workshops in this manner - one’s that I normally would not have circled.

And, if I can swing it, I love to give tarot readings in the vendor room, but the slots are usually taken by the grown-ups who are selling their books. But I'll try!

Finally, I am a world class napper. So there’s that too.

But, in a pie-in-the-sky scenario, with a camelbak full of Redbull and a well oiled Time Turner at my disposal, here’s how Pantheacon 2012 will shake down for me:
  • Friday 1pm     
  • Oak     
  • Opening Ritual            
  • Glenn Turner and Friends
This is always a fun time. And it’s good feng shui to acknowledge and give thanks to the madly grinning crone who created this wild, wild weekend 18 years ago. Plus you get a headstart on who is going to be your ‘crush from afar’ for the duration of the conference. And it’s your last chance to get some sort of Grounding and Centering in before all Heaven breaks loose.
  • Friday 1:30pm                        
  • Lobby             
  • Checking In     
  • Admiral Karen and Me at Pcon.
  • 2,000 Hyper Heathens
Brimming with short-lived optimism, you get in line for the room check-in, even though rooms aren’t available until 3pm. Wiser, older or more whiny witches got their rooms on Thursday night. We’re the ones who wave laconically as we stroll by the mile-long line on our way to Café Ho-Hum for another $15.00 hamburger.
  • Friday 3:30pm                        
  • San Juan / San Carlos              
  • Magick, Poetry, Wisdom: A Journey into Power      
  • Jenya T. Beachy

Okay, Now we’re talking serious fun. Mama Jenya is one of the primary presenters of the Feri Tent Revival and few have staggered away from her sermons without flame-scorched hair, aching loins, and a raging desire to make the world their bitch. A must-see.
  • Friday 7pm                 
  • Cedar / Pine     
  • Dance Elemental – Ecstatic Dance      
  • Deva Gnosis
A nice, post-dinner warm-up for the big-ticket items to come this evening.
  • Friday 9pm     
  • Silicon Valley Room   
  • Drum Circle 101         
  • Don Schulz
And this is just SOME of them.....
Why would I attend a 101 class when I have been a drummer for 40 years, been featured in a Latin Percussion How-To Video, had my band’s album for sale at Borders and am currently in the studio recording The Mutables first disc? Because I have a great time at these and because I always learn something. Don Schulz is a Master at balancing the beginners and the veterans, the info and the war stories, the groove and the science, and the fun and the spirit. Bring a drum, your car keys, an empty tummy or anything that’ll make noise.
  • Friday 11pm   
  • Silicon Valley Room   
  • Bardic  
  • Palo Alto Area Pagan Meetup Group
Oh, I may start this slot at the Pombagira, but when I tire of it (and I WILL tire of it), I’ll probably slip across the second floor to this intimate setting. Chances are I’ll be reading stuff that didn’t make final cut for this years Pagan Humor seminar. Or I may bellydance. One or the other.
  • Friday Late Night       
  • Who knows     
  • Who Cares      
  • Whoever’s handy
All headed (Briefly) to the Pomba.
Given the shocking news that the Absinthe party is kaput for this year I could be anywhere during the Witching Hour. Jason Mankey and South Bay Circles have a party room on the second floor (above the San _____ rooms), but I could just as easily end up in the pool at 3am creating synchronized swimming routines.
  • Saturday 9am  
  • San Martin / San Simeon         
  • Yoga for Everybody   
  • Holly Allender Kraig
There are two reasons why I am a regular at Holly’s Yoga classes. 1) She really knows her stuff (I even bought her book), and 2) I have had a mad crush on her ever since we read tarot side-by-side in the vendor room a few years ago. The fact that she successfully landed Don Michael Kraig last year and added to her last name has done nothing to diminish my devotion.
  • Saturday 11am            
  • Cedar   
  • THE HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL: Isn’t it Romantic? 
  • Lon Milo DuQuette
It’s Lon: You gotta go.
  • Saturday 1:30pm        
  • Silicon Valley Room   
  • Ritual Theater: What is it & How to Use It   
  • ....and he was a perfect Gentleman.
    Well....he was gentle. Let's leave it at that.
  • Robin LaSirena & DK Cowan
I am part of a group of witches who put on several public rituals every year. Part of the fun of Pantheacon for us is going to presentations like this and stealing idea seeing how other folks go about the business of uniting Celebrant with Deity.
  • Saturday 3:30pm       
  • Fir       
  • Drawing Down the Moon: The Mechanics of Invoking Deity          
  • Jason W. Mankey
After an inexplicable absence last year Mr. Mankey is back with a vengeance, with two – count ‘em TWO! - presentations back to back. Jason’s seminars are always a combination of rock solid research and Junior High level dick jokes, and as such, are not to be missed.
  • Saturday 5pm             
  • Café Ho-Hum             
  • Dinner             
  • More witches than you can shake a broom at.
The first floor diner has gotten a make-over in the last few years, but the indifferent food, hair-raising prices and always adventurous table service happily remain in place. Thankfully the endless parade of be-booted hotties passing by is a great distraction from your $15.00, Denny’s-level hamburger.
  • Saturday 7pm                         
  • Oak     
  • Elixir of Life: Alcohol as a Sacrament in Religion       
  • Jason W. Mankey
Sadly, the Morrison Ritual has been pretty much banned from Pantheacon, but I suspect that the Lizard King’s Spirit will approve of this sodden seminar. Hell, I don’t even drink alcohol and I’m going to this one. Maybe just to see Jason’s pretty, pretty hair in the lights…….
This is often my desktop picture at work.
  • Saturday 9pm 
  • Oak     
  • The Ole Time Good Spell Feri Pagan Tent Revival   
  • Dustbunny Feri Initiates, Students and Guests
The hits just keep on coming on Saturday night. Climax the evening, if you will, with the wildest, wickedest, most profoundly moving Church Service this side of a Jimmy Swaggart wet dream. Bring your fan – you are going to need it. Halle-Fucking-ujah!
  • Saturday 11pm           
  • Cedar   
  • Saturday Midnight night drum jam!   
  • Don Schulz
Will this be a cool down after the Feri Tent Revival? Or round two of Ecstatic Sound and Movement? Yes.
  • Saturday Late Night    
  • Hot Tub          
  • Capacity Limits test   
  • Adults only
Let’s see if we can break last year’s record!
  • Sunday 9am    
  • Oak     
  • Dance Magick             
  • SIWA
Heads up! White boy dancing!
Odds are that I won’t be making this, as lovely as it sounds. Unless I wake up there.
  • Sunday 11am 
  • San Martin / San Simeon          
  • Golden Dawn Prosperity Ritual         
  • Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn
I am a Folk Magickian by Nature, more interested in matters Elemental than Ceremonial. But one of the very cool things about Pantheacon is you get to sample all sorts of paths and traditions. And I could use a bit of prosperity now, so what the hell.
  • Sunday 1:30pm          
  • Pine     
  • The Three Rays of Witchcraft                        
  • Christopher Penczak
Chris is an amazing thinker, writer and performer. His absence has been keenly felt the last few years. Welcome back!
  • Sunday 3:30pm           
  • Club Max        
  • The Provisions Tour   
  • Lon Milo DuQuette
Come on folks, let’s go see Lon. He is an Institution (albeit with his tongue out).
  • Sunday 7pm                
  • Club Max        
  • Celtic Music Concert  
  • Alexander James Adams
I’m up next here, so I’ll be here conferring with my camera guys and getting things organized. Luckily I adore Celtic Music, so this should be nice and soothing.
I adore the spacious lecterns at the Doubletree.
  • Sunday 9pm                
  • Club Max        
  • Pagan Humor 4: A New Hope            
  • Angus McMahan
This will be my first time doing my weird thing in the cheese-o-matic Dance Club of the Doubletree. But the organizers keep assuring me that it’ll be great, and I love that I am kinda closing the con for many people, so I am super-psyched about this opportunity. Originally I was slated for 11pm, so I was REALLY closing out Sunday night, but I am happy that they were able to move me up to 9pm (even though it means I will be missing the Sharon Knight band). I can’t say much about what I will be doing – not even Admiral Karen gets to see the seminar beforehand – but I think that if you enjoyed last years offering, then you will benefit from this year as well. (Bwa-ha-ha!!)
  • Sunday 11pm              
  • Oak     
  • Spark Collective Fire Circle    
  • Spark Collective
I had a great time with these witty wizards last year, so I am looking forward to creating Magick with them again. Or I may be too wasted after my presentation. Or too jacked up on adrenalin. Or both!

So that's the layout as we go to press. I realize now that I have overlooked Thalassa, Orion Foxwood and Mary Greer. Damnit. Too much fun! Now keep in mind that this schedule is subject to mood, whim, and the shifting sands of wack-ass sleep schedules. In any case, it looks like a GREAT year. 

Hope to see you there, somewhere, sometime!

Angus McMahan

P.S. What actually happened? Something even better than what I had planned. Check it OUT!


  1. Well, thanks for your kind words, darlin'! My Friday offering will be just slightly more sedate than the Revival (less cussing, for instance) :)

    You've probably doubled my attendance with this post! Thanks!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun. Maybe I'll go this year.

  3. thanks for the plug for the Revival! we are working really hard to make it the best one yet--and this year we have two guitars and a keyboard player who know how to rock out in gospel style. this'll be FUN!

  4. wha' happens Monday??? do you bail? no closing ritual to say good-bye to the crush? I'll be doing the mad cramming-workshops-in-against-the-checkout-deadline dance myself-- too much good stuff to leave sooner.

    looking forward to your presentation (unless "seminar divination" interferes...)