Monday, October 15, 2012

It’s a Magickal Life

One of the many wonderful things about Paganism is that it frees you from having to go to church. You ARE church. Or your church is wherever you are. And whenever. Or whatever.

So given this user-friendly point-of-use interface why don’t we all become full-time witches? It is surprising, given our abilities, that we don’t use magick more often. Especially in our ‘normal’ life. The elements are always available, the spirits don’t take days off, the veil may be thicker at times but is always pierceable. Magick is no less beneficial when it is informal.

What stops us then from “living the magickal life”? I believe it is because we bundle our activities with certain prescribed mindsets. How well does the following describe you?

Work is serious – grounding. My hobbies allow new ideas and creativity. During playtime I am warm, spontaneous, active. Rest is tranquil, contemplative, deep. And ritual/magick/witch time is my periodic anchoring and questing.

Hmm. Work, Creativity, Play, Rest and Ritual. Reminds you a lot of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit, doesn’t it? So. Five basic (over-simplified) categories of life = five points of the pentacle. With me so far? Good.

Now what is the definition of a pentacle? It is the interlacing of the arms. Without ‘em it’s just another star. And the interplay is the key: it’s the wiring diagram that allows you to hot-wire the Goddess.

I believe that consciously putting all the five points into whatever you are doing is the key to living a healthier, satisfying, dynamic, magickal life. And the way to do THAT is to translate the points: Earth=Work; Air=Creativity; Fire=Play; Water=Rest; and Spirit=Ritual and then use the interlacing properties of the pentacle to blur 'em all together.

So let's connect the dots and see how we can lace up our lives. Invoking then, from the top down to the left:
- Is there a spiritual side to your job? Shouldn’t there be? Is there one indirectly, as a means to an end?
- Do you get to create at work? From massive projects to decorating your area, acknowledge it all.
- Is there an emotional or tranquil element to your hobby? (I know I emerge deeply refreshed after I’ve made something. Even if it’s just a mess.)
-Is there a contemplative side to your workout? There is in some of the best ones. Tai Chi, Swimming, and yoga are good examples of this. (The "aerobic prayer" video series is not.)
- And finally, is there magick in your mischief? Spirit in your sports? Prayer in your play? I’ve done some of my best rituals while riding my bicycle. And there is a reason why it’s called the Spiral Dance.

Living the Magickal Life means experiencing all 5 points of the pentacle each day, and, if you can, putting all the stations of the star into everything you do.

When I make one of my sculptures out of Legos I am working, goofing off, meditating, and petitioning, as well as creating. When people ask me on the bus, “Are you going to work?” I say that I am going to be at the Magick store for awhile (where I create, empathize, play, worship, and occasionally work). “Don’t you get anytime off?” I am asked. From what? Life?

Last night I made a mix CD of music, did my laundry, hunted zombies (virtually), cooked a fine meal, attended band practice, and wrote most of this story. And if pressed I would label all that as relaxation.

The more you consciously use the interlacings of the Pentacle, the more balance you will attain in your life. And being a witch is all about the balance; between mind and body, light and dark, and this world and the next.

Spirituality is work.
Work is creativity.
Creativity is meditative.
Meditation is active.
And activity is Spiritual.

Moosh ‘em all together to create a magickal life. Serves one.

Angus McMahan
Originally published in The Talisman, way back in the previous millennium.

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