Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dream: Panda vs. The Grill

Special Bonus dream from my afternoon nap:

Giants baseball game at A.T.&T. Park. No sure what team we're playing, but George Foreman is the runner at third base. The boxer. And not the tubby, smiling Buddah-like George Foreman who hawks counter-top grills on late night TV. This was the lean, mean bad-ass George Foreman from 1973. He was even in black and white.

Guarding the bag was Pablo Sandoval, of course, who was in color, of course. Curiously, George was taking a lead off third on the infield side of the bag. So he was to Panda's left. (If a ball was hit George would have to step to the base and then continue on towards home. {No, that doesn't make any sense.})

Panda was looking at George from time-to-time, in between pitches, as if to say "What are you doing over THERE?"

Also, being from 1973 and in B&W, George was snowing out from time to time. His outline would be there, still moving back and forth, but he'd be just snow, or a bunch of zig-zagging lines jumping around. When that would happen Pablo would reach out and give him a little nudge, to adjust his reception.

George must not have been aware of what Panda was doing, because those little nudges were pissing him off. Big time.

During the next pitch, when Pablo was down in his ready crouch, George reached over and grabbed Panda's shoulder and shook him hard.

Well that was crossing the line, MAN. Still crouching, Pablo pivots around towards George towering over him. Panda then tosses his glove high in the air, so George would have to catch it with both hands. 

While he is distracted, Pablo then leaps up with a devastating right upper cut for the ages that connects solidly with Foreman's jaw and knocks George clean off his feet and sends him almost to the outfield grass.

Panda then leaps on top of him and the two wrestle until the rest of the Giants rush out and separate the two combatants. Pablo is bloodied and George is flickering.

The End.
(Naps are the best, man.)

Angus McMahan

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