Monday, February 18, 2013

Yoga Centering

This is a quick breathing meditation that I wrote for a Beltane rite out in a forest. It works well for large groups...

Please stand.

I would like you to stand with your feet beneath you.

Excellent! Firmly beneath you.
Planted beneath you. Dig in, so that no wind, no storm, no bad judgment, nobody could ever bowl you over. Stand with presence, with conviction, with attitude.

Now find your center. Its somewhere near the reason that grounding for Pantheacon is so patently ridiculous. Feel your core, your base, your root – this is radio K-RUT and you are now beginning your broadcast day…..

Feel that magnificent NEED that perpetuates our species.

We are now going to breathe into that core, fanning the flames of liquid life*, centering ourselves around our core, as this sacred circle is centered around its core.

We will breathe 5 times together. Each time I would like you to picture your inhalation coming not through your nose, but through one of your limbs. This intake will pass through your appendage, waking that region and then landing within your core. 

The "Goth Faeries" music crew for Beltane, 2007. 
Hold this breath for a magickal moment and then release through the mouth, exhaling completely, sending this energy out from your core to the center of this circle, where our breaths can dance as one.

With your breath fully exhaled, pause again, allowing your cells to cleanse themselves. The brief rinse off before the hot tub action of this evening’s rite.

And so. Starting from the right leg, breathe up from the floor, through your limb and into your center. Hold – and now release that energy through your mouth into the center of the circle. Pause with no breath in your lungs.

Now up from the left leg, from the trees, from the Mother, into your 1st chakra. A full and complete breath, rounding the tummy. Full of life. Hold. Now release that warmth, that outgassing, create the eternal dance of chemistry and alchemy.

In through the right arm, strong, vibrant, dextrous. Down through your core to your base. Hold, and release back to the center. (PffffffffT!) Hold again.

Now in via the left arm, cunning, creative, sinistral. Awaken your systems, and into your center. Pause. And send it all back.

Finally down through the crown of your skull, down the xylophone of your chakras like a countdown to the cosmos of carnality. Pause. Now release to the circle everything that has ever held you back.

This is the blow out sale on Old Man Winter - and you are fresh out of stock on limitations!
Feel the power of your body.
Feel the Grace of your body.
Feel the miracle of life – You are alive.
You are centered.
You are beautiful.
And you are nowhere else but here...because there is no time like right…now….

Please make yourself comfortable.

Angus McMahan

*"fanning the flames of liquid life" could be accompanied by a quick point to each of the quarters: East, South, West and North.

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