Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dear Beatrice 3

Dear Beatrice,
Got a postcard from Papua, New Guinea that was written in what looked like 100 different languages. Couldn't read a bleedin' word of it, but I am guessing it is from you. So, thanks!

Me? I've got all kinds of coolnesses going on!

Pantheacon was a rousing success. Got a standing ovation for Pagan Humor 5, and you can't ask for much more than that. On your advice I went ahead and included the story about my BALLS. Good call.

Triathlon training is picking up, now that there is actual light and heat outside. I'd like to move my running phase up to 10K this year. I know, it's my weakest event - I can see you wagging your finger now! - but that is why it needs special attention.

Angus-land now has 20,000 views, which is kinda mind-boggling. I mean, not all of those are my Mom, right?

Nanites. (from PodstersRobotsOfFiction)
I need your help with something else too. I got picked up by PATHEOS, the ginormous religion website. YAY! I sold 'em on - get this - a pagan ADVICE COLUMN. 

Yeah, that's what I said too!

(The site is still under construction by the Patheos Nanites. Should be up in a week or two.)

I've done it before, Beatrice, back before I knew you. I was the "Sage Advisor" at Community Seed Magazine for 4 years. In fact I used one of those old columns as my audition piece for this gig. (This is why writers NEVER throw anything away.)

The Sage Advisor logo from Community Seed Magazine. I always
wanted the wizard to be addressing a sage bush, but it never happened.
But here's the rub: The nature of advice columns is that they are REACTIVE. I respond to questions from the readers. The Catch-22 is how do you start something that is based upon input from without?

This is where you come in, Dear Beatrice. If you (or anyone else reading this letter) could send me some questions, that would be awesome sauce. I need some fodder for the first few columns, to keep the site afloat until its readers (hopefully) take over and flood my inbox with questions.

Got it? The tagline for the site is "What's on your magickal mind?" so, questions of a witchy nature are the tofu and potatoes of the deal:
  • "Do you cast circle and then invoke the quarters, or vice-versa?"
  • "Crop Circles - WTF?"
  • "Do Magic 8-balls really work?"
  • "Did the ancient druids really worship at Stonehenge?"

Really, ask me ANYTHING.
That kind of thing. But you know me, Beatrice. I am waaaaay too eclectic to be hemmed in by Convention. So just go ahead and ask me ANYTHING:
  • "What did game show hosts want to be when they grew up?"
  • "Was the comic strip 'Peanuts' ever funny?"
  • "How can bumble bees fly?"
  • "Who the hell is Beatrice?"

You get the idea. Send your questions to:

The Patheos logo that the Nanites made for me. It is cool sauce, no?
And let me know if you don't want your real name used. Well, except for YOUR name, Beatrice. You are oh so very real to me......

Good luck with the birding on New Guinea!

Angus McMahan

Update: It's ALIVE!!!

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