Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pantheacon, 2017, Part 4: Sunday

Sunday morning at Pantheacon.

Yes, such things DO occur.

Instead of bounding out of bed like I normally do, I just laid there for a bit and pondered all of the strange and wonderful things that I had seen and done on THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY.

It was time to engage the Escape Pile by the door, sneak out on the sleeping Admiral and take up my residence by the fireplace to write up yesterday’s adventures.

When I next woke up I realized that I had been out past midnight for 3 straight nights.

And by this time Karen was awake. So we ordered room service.

You read that right: We did not go to Cafe Ho-Hum and spend $55.00 for two breakfast buffets. Instead we had a lovely breakfast in bed and spent $45.00 (including tip.)

Yep! The mysterious ‘Ho-Hum’ness cannot be contained by the mere dimensions of the restaurant. Room service was significantly cheaper than going down and sitting in the hotel diner. Unbelievable.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Pantheacon 2017, Part 3: Saturday

Even though I rolled into my bed at the Doubletree after Midnight on Friday night, I was still up and at ‘em at 6am on Saturday morning. I was eager to get to my usual spot by the fireplace in the lobby so I could write up my notes on the the super fun FRIDAY.

I never got there.

On my way out to the lobby I peeked into the Carmel/Monterey rooms where I would be giving my Pagan Humor seminar in 3 hours.

And there were 20 chairs in there, all laid out in a perfect oval. Mmmmmm…….that’s not right. Even for a 9am slot I was expecting more people than that, and the kumbaya seating wasn’t going to work either.

Where did my lovely theater seating go?

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Pantheacon 2017, part 2: Friday

Friday morning, 6am, means my choice of
Thursday? No, that was back HERE.

Every year at Pantheacon I seem to end up doing something that I’ve never done before.

I was once a choir conductor for the Feri Tent Revival, even though I have zero experience with conducting. I do, however, own a baton, so there you go.
Another year I moderated a panel on Patheos bloggers, even though I barely post there*. I do, however own a 6ft bullwhip, which I found quite useful in getting a bunch of preening writer divas to keep their answers short and sweet.
2017, however, would be a two-fer! One new thing on Friday and one on Saturday. How to make an airsign happy.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pantheacon 2017, Part 1: Thursday

December: Start planning my outfits.
January: Start packing.
February: Look at 4 suitcases and proclaim that to be a tad excessive. I don’t NEED twenty tops for 4 days. Even Lady Gaga doesn’t go through that many costume changes.

Checking in at the Doubletree is always an adventure. Some years you really EARN that cookie they give you. 

This year the whoop-de-dos were that my room, generously given to me by Mama Jenya, was in my de-facto-might-as-well-be nickname, NOT my legal name. 

Luckily I have business cards printed with my Angus name that have my picture, which looks like my drivers license pic, even though I am dressed as a pirate. So the front desk staff reluctantly accepted that.

Monday, October 24, 2016

England, 2016, Part 18: Tomes, Holmes and Home

Thursday. Thursday? Thursday. 

The last full day before we head on back to California. I had been in England for 9 days by this point, Karen had been overseas for 17, so we were totally acclimated to Greenwich Mean Time. Just before we flew home to good ‘ol Pacific Standard Time. yay.

We had used our time in London well, seeing the BRITISH museum on Monday, the NATIONAL MARITIME museum on Tuesday, and the VICTORIA & ALBERT museum on Wednesday. Now what? 

Well she is a reader and I am a writer so we tubed it out to the Saint Pancras part of London and were in line (Queue) at 9:30am when the British Library opened its doors for the day. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

England, 2016, Part 17: Victoria and Albert Museum

Oh, but enough silly boat rides and MARITIME HISTORY. Today we shall go look at pretty things.

The Victoria and Albert Museum is a sprawling labyrinth, chock full of DECORATIVE ARTS from around the world and from all eras. But really just France and Italy from a few hundred years ago.

It lounges through 12.5 acres of Victorian brick warehouses and boiler rooms and shows off more than 4.5 million objects. And every single goddamn one of them is pretty.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

England, 2016, Part 16: Greenwich

Back when I laid out this trip I put GLASTONBURY first to get us out of London during the weekend. The 4 weekdays back in the Capitol city were unassigned and on the wish list I think I just copy-and-pasted BRITISH MUSEUM into each day, so I could go gaze in rapture at the Rosetta Stone again and again. (Just kidding, kinda.)

I chose our hotel to be near a major Tube station AND the Thames, because rivers are cool. Admiral Karen seized upon this latter idea and proposed a trip downriver to see the National Maritime Museum.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

England, 2016, Part 15: The British Museum

Ah, but enough of experiencing things - it was time to go stand around and look at schtuff.

We awoke rather giddy on that Monday morning. We had somehow survived another long day of driving across England, we were still amazed by what we had touched and felt at AVEBURY and we were still pleasantly hungover from our weekend in GLASTONBURY.

And I had already drank in a PUB and ridden the ginormous FERRIS WHEEL last week, so I had pretty much ‘done’ London. How could we kill 4 days here? I guess we should go see one those museum-thingies that they got here.

Monday, September 5, 2016

England, 2016, Part 14: A Sunday Drive to Avebury

After 5 amazing days and nights on the Isle of Avalon it was time to pack up and head ba - what? Oh. The boys in the truck tell me that in reality we only spent two nights and one day in Glastonbury. Huh.

You know, “Reality” and “Glastonbury” don’t often appear in the same sentence.

But we were firmly back in linear space on Sunday, with an itinerary that had us heading back to London, with a stop or two at local attractions.

Yes, driving again. We packed up our still unwashed clothes, gathered up our new magnets, had another tremendous breakfast, said our goodbyes to Adele and the Covenstead and trooped down to our perfectly square rental car, where, yep, sure enough - the steering wheel was still on the right.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

England, 2016, Part 13: The Wild Side of Glastonbury

Well, Glastonbury had certainly delivered: Our WITCHCRAFT B&B was an occult delight, Karen’s adventures with THE TOR were invigorating, the ruins of the ABBEY had been inadvertently entertaining, and the CHALICE WELL, was, well, the Chalice Well.

We’d done the Biggies. We’d checked off the Rick Steve’s Must-Sees. Now it was time to go off the grid and dig a little deeper. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

England, 2016, Part 12: The Chalice Well

Okay, Okay, we get it: Even though one side of the 34 acres of the grounds that the Abbey owns runs right next to Chalice Hill, we cannot exit that way. That would be admitting that there is a connection between the sublime primal energy of the Red and White Springs and the Churches ham-handed attempt to deny/sublimate/appropriate/distort it. 

Better just to herd all the good Christians out through the gift shop and back onto safely chaste Magdalene Street.

Monday, August 29, 2016

England, 2016, Part 11: Glastonbury Abbey

After the low comedy and High Priestess that preceded BREAKFAST, it was finally time to get out and about and explore the wonders of Glastonbury, the geological and geoillogical features that have been drawing pilgrims and seekers since time immaterial.

Up in the earnest ridiculousness of Herne’s Hideaway we hoisted our gear and planned the first stop.

“Let’s go see the ruins of the Abbey,” said Admiral Karen, looking out our 3rd story window at the spire of the kitchen across the street. “Its right there.”

“Honey,” I sympathized, “Later for that. Right now its been 20 years,1 month, and 9 days since I first visited the Chalice Well, one of the two Defining Moments in my life. My EXPERIENCE there literally made me a witch and set me on the course for the second half of my life, and I have been itching to get back to the garden since the moment I woke up after being knocked unconscious by the Goddess there. I am within 3 blocks of the original Sacred Space and you want instead to go visit a friggin church that the silly christians in their infinite quite recent Wisdom decided to knock down?”

But I’ve been married now for 11 years, so instead of saying that, I said: “Sounds like a plan. Tally ho!”