Monday, February 19, 2018

Read this First!

This Blog has moooooved! Please follow your fellow Advanced Humans to Angus’ Patreon page!  There is a LOT to look through there, so let’s get you situated. There are 6 levels of patronage, plus a bunch of Open (Free) Posts. Take a look at some of those first, and see if you and I will get along. 
(The McMansion was short on furniture and long on Irony.)
Here are the Open Posts right now. Check ‘em out: Here is a video of me WRITING. Here are my top 20 CHRISTMAS SONGS. Here is a dream I had starring Annette Funicello. (No, not that kind of dream.) And this is what happened when I took a CPR ClassAnd here are a couple of posts that used to be up in the 1 dollar section, but then I freed up: Witness the fascinating carnage of a weekend spent in a McMansionAnd here is the background, script and tons of photos from my epic Samhain ritual last year. And as a special treat - here is the most popular column I ever wrote, turned into a Podcast (With photos!). 
Yep, rode that sucker twice. Sober.

The first level is $1.00 a month, which is hardly anything, right? Folks who sign on at this level get the newest big, unique, stand-alone story that I’ve just finished. Here are some the recent “Hot off the griddle” stories: My Dinner Party with History, in which I choose 10 people (+ two chefs!) from all points of human history and we all meet at Stonehenge for a lovely supperA Weekend in 1927, in which I use my time machine to visit every single cool thing in the world that happened in one wild weekendAnd the history of my life-long obsession of playing with Lego. Next is the $3.00 level, and those folks get the latest chapter in whatever book I am writing that month. Plus, folks at this level also get everything at the $1.00 level, which applies to all the other levels. (If, for example, you pledge at $10, you’ll get that PLUS the $5, $3 and $1 posts.) Recent chapters include my love affair with Disneyland. The wacky adventures of teenaged me and my First CarAnd the wild, wild, 5 weeks I spent in the hospital for a simple tonsillectomyUp at the 5 dollar level you’ll find the “Blast From the Past” posts, featuring post from various
columns I’ve written for publications who went down in sudden and fiery flames. Each one features a new introduction. 
Climbing up to the 10 dollar level one is confronted with “It Came From the Filing Cabinet” - I’ve done LOTS of different types of writing over my life, from search-a-word puzzles to Sports Reporting. Here is where the experiments are revealed. At the summit you will rewarded with my monthly “Gentleman of Leisure” reports, detailing every weird thing I’ve done the previous month, with lots of photos! And for you heady slices of glorious deity, there is the $50.00 pledge, will net you all of the PODCASTS, plus everything else listed
above. The whole kaboodle and kit. And my love. And my thanks. And my firstborn.
That’s a lot of stuff, right? I think so. But I’ve never been happier (or more productive) as a writer. Join me, won’t you? Let us journey through this strange and lovely land together. Thanks for reading, welcome aboard, enjoy the Patreon site, and please comment on anything you enjoyed! Comments are second only to ‘shares’ as the lifeblood that keeps us creative-types in the saddle. 
Angus McMahan 


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